Week 10 Winner

Author: Sanjay2

Ahh what a glorious week. I am sure that my opponent laments like Aridadne. The sting of disappointment and the harsh reality must hurt. I bet my opponent is now wondering, “What could I have done?"Just like Ariadne after Theseus left her. Unlike Ariadne the answer to this question is not "nothing." The first choice that I would have probably done differently is playing J.P Losman. I mean I know that he was the 2nd highest scoring fantasy quarterback during the last year second half of last year, but between personal injury and the quarterback conterversy in Buffalo, who could expect a good game from Losman. I also recognize that like Catullus, the 0 and 9 Dolphins are unable to win and score, but one cannot forget the presence of Jason Taylor.On the other side of the ball, how hot does "BIG" Ben Roethlisberger look? I mean he might have played against a horrible defense but unlike Ariadne, Big Ben will be returning home to Pittsburg as a winner. I’m 3 and 7 now and still trying to climb to .500. Any comments or suggestions please respond.